The deadlines were approaching. Things at work were steadily ramping up the stress. No matter how much work we put into the programming, there always seemed to be more projects in the works. Sure, it was nice getting done with work by noon, but having to be there before the sun rose was starting to have its toll. Fortunately our lunch break was scheduled for seven in the morning. Just before leaving for lunch, I checked the desk next to me, to make sure our supplies were in order. Sure enough, the mountain of candy was still safe.

Lunch was mostly uneventful, just some quick food from the cafe then it was back to the grind. However, when I returned to my desk I found that not only was my project locked out but the mountain of candy had been taken! The rest of that portion of work was spent with the management, trying to interview the other workers to figure out what had happened. We were all completely baffled and by the time we all had to head home we were no closer to a resolution.

Sighing heavily to myself, I made my way to the parking structure, only to discover my car was missing. Cursing my luck, I made to head to the light rail to make the long trek home. Just as I was leaving the parking garage, a co-worked spied me and offered to take me to dinner. On the way there, we noticed one of the sky trolleys, a massive flying machine that looked much like Bowser’s Flying Machine from Super Mario Brothers. The biggest difference though was that an open bay on the bottom of the vehicle is what held the people, similar to a carnival ride with the flip down restraints. The sky trolley deposited everyone at the very restaurant where we were going for dinner.

Once I finally made it home, I headed online to work on some projects, while my co-worker decided to join me. We were watching the news in the background when a breaking story caught our attention. One of the Lions, the Pride of the City, had apparently been caught in some dirty dealing. It was revealed that the Lion was taking all types of properties and possessions from everyone around him, which seemed to even include my stockpile of candy from work.

My co-worker, who turned out to be King Julian from the lemurs of Madagascar, immediately stated that he would do all that he could to relieve the lion of his ill-gotten goods. Racing from the house, he took to the skies, sailing through the air amidst the high rises. I struggled out of house, following him as best I could from below.

Someone had to keep him out of trouble after all.