I was transported to a strange world, where it was a Matriarchal society. As a male, I had to be hidden. I’m not sure why they decided to help me, but they did. The technology was advanced, with cloaking and hover technology. I was assigned to a remote outpost near the coast, one that required (or at least assigned) the workers to be in full suits, including helmets. This let me hide my gender.

It worked for awhile. I was able to observe the world from my station and avoided needing to interact with others. At least until I was ordered on patrol. When I got back from my patrol, I found the supervisor requiring everyone to hand sign in. Which required a visual inspection of the person. I was discovered!

Shortly thereafter a storm rolled in. The outpost was on the water and people were panicking. The waves continued to get massive and smash against the force barriers that held back the ocean. The outpost itself had massive doors that were supposed to support all the hovercraft. People were running around, unsure what to do. I started ordering everyone inside, speaking with an authority that had many people confused, as males weren’t supposed to act like that. I shouted, I glared, I made sure they all got back into the outpost before shutting the blast doors.

Even as I was getting everyone inside, I could see the waves piling on, the ships that had been docked outside beginning to rock in their moorings. The waves were swelling dozens of feet, though they weren’t cresting yet. They hadn’t broken past the barriers. It was only a matter of time though.

Finally, I managed to get everyone inside and sealed the last blast door. Locking myself inside as the only dominant male among hundreds of predatory females and submissive males.

What had I gotten myself into?