The intel gathering mission had been going well. Had. We’re still not sure how they picked up on our surveillance but we knew that there was only a short amount of time before they zeroed in on our position. My team and I were scrambling around the suite, gathering the supplies we needed to move out and making sure that nothing would remain of our presence here.

After a few dozen frantic minutes we closed our briefcases and headed to the door. We each tossed a couple of cleansing spheres into the room, the metal balls rolling to a stop shortly after we closed the doors. The sound of liquid spraying into the air sounded behind us before the whoosh of flames engulfing the closed room roared into existence. It wasn’t long before the sounds died away, though we gave it another full minute before reaching for the doors to check the cleansing.

The entire suite had been torched, the charred, skeletal remains of the furniture barely holding together. Nothing remained of our equipment, records, and more importantly, our biological information. Nodding in satisfaction, I motioned for the repair bots to enter the room and reset the suite.

Shaped like humans, the robots still dwarfed ever member of the team, standing an easy eight feet tall, broad shouldered and barrel chested. Their smooth white frames stood in sharp contrast to the blacked devastation. The trio of robots spread throughout the room, their hands pointed at various spots around the room, scanning beams flashing into life. Moments later a cloud seemed to spread from the robots, clinging to every surface. Where that cloud passed the room seemed to renew, furniture growing back to its original form, burnt wood returning to its previous luster. In as little as ten minutes the hotel suite looked as if it had been untouched, with the exception of the linens for the bed. Those were too far gone to repair.

Nodding in satisfaction, we motioned the robots out of the room. As a group we made our way out to our vehicles, glad to have this mission behind us. Most of the information we had gathered had already been uploaded to the main servers, soon to picked apart by other robots and team members. Something I didn’t have to worry about at least. For now, escape was my only concern.

I was just about to click myself into the seat belt when I found myself hurled from the vehicle, agony and heat flowing over me. As I tumbled across the concrete I caught a glimpse of the vehicle engulfed in flames. I guess someone else wanted to make sure that more than just the data was cleansed.

I crashed to a stop against the side of the building, barely hanging onto consciousness against the pain. As the lids of my eyes grew heavy with the struggle against the damage to my body, I was barely able to make out the shape of the trio of robots emerging from the burning wreckage of the vehicle, flames licking along their white exterior without quite touching it. One of the robots drew up beside me and that same cloud from earlier swarmed out. It surrounded me and for a moment, I lose track of all my senses, overwhelmed.

Moments later I found the pain gone, my clothing and body repaired. With a grunt, I pushed myself off the wall and to my feet, catching the attention of the rest of my team as they too were repaired by the robots.

Looks like we had a new investigation.