The shop called me and asked me to take one last job, something about a rush order that a customer needed out at their home. It was a custom order as well and offered a nice bonus if I could complete the repairs today. I agreed to take the job, loaded myself into the truck, and headed out.

Following the GPS took me out to the countryside, along some areas I’d yet to explore, though I’d lived in the town for over two decades now. Smiling as the hills and forests rolled by, I listened as nav said I was nearing my destination, my eyes scanning the sides of the road for a break in the trees. Finally up ahead I caught sight of a break in the foliage dominated by a massive wooden archway that seemed to be woven from the branches of the flanking trees. My interest in the location grew as I pulled onto the wide driveway. I chuckled in amusement as the GPS told me there was still a mile to go. Who has a mile long driveway anyway?

A couple minutes later I pulled up to the home. Rather than the mansion I expected, I found a charming single level ranch style home that sprawled out on a massive lot, surrounded by half a dozen separate garages, some the normal single car style, while one large building was easily three stories tall, dwarfing the home itself! Who needed this many vehicles anyway? Just how many people lived here? There were no actual vehicles in sight when I looked around, until I noticed… was that a helicopter?

One of the garage doors opening caught my attention, dragging it away from the out of place vehicle. Leaving my truck in the middle of the lot, I got out and headed towards the open invitation. This particular garage was the usual sized double wide variety, the interior remarkably clean. Parked within was a pair of over-sized dune buggies, their black frames polished to a high sheen. Standing next to one of them was a young lady, early twenties if I had to hazard a guess. Dark hair cropped short, barely a quarter inch from her scalp. She had a lithe build that made me think of runner or maybe a swimmer, perhaps a dancer.

Mentally shaking away the questions, I introduced myself, confirmed the identity of my client, and got a few more details. Apparently neither one of these vehicles were powering up, though they were fairly new. Nodding, I went back to my truck to gather up my toolbox and supplies, including my diagnostics tools. Laying out my laptop on the hood of one of the buggies, I connected to the remote access, the information flashing across my eyes as I scanned various reports coming from the vehicle as well as connecting to the bigger mainframe back on my truck. While I was doing that, the roar of additional vehicles gathered behind me. Turning away from my work I noticed another dune buggy slide into place in front of the garage, holding till just long enough for my client to hop into the side, before taking off in a screech of rubber.

Chuckling softly, I turned back to my work, my eyes drifting closed as I interfaced with the system. These things wouldn’t fix themselves after all, and I had a deadline to make.