The facility was massive, sprawling with a lazy arrogance. Cold gray stone  adorned the exterior and not a single window occupied the ground floor. Armed guards eyed me with disdain as I made my way past one security checkpoint after another before finally reaching the building itself.

Heavy metal doors slowly ground open, rumbling aside to allow me access to the interior. Lighting seemed to be kept low, making details hard to discern though at least the path I as supposed to take was clearly marked. Occasionally an unadorned metal door parted the unrelenting stone, yet for the most part the hallway was a dreary, boring pathway.

After what felt like several minutes of walking, the hallways opened into a large room. Dominating the center of the room were several display cases, filled to the  brim with squirming, shifting masses of rats. A multitude of people in lab coats wandered the room, tapping away at tablets while examining the displays. Several desks occupied one wall, crewed by even more people in lab coats.

My eyes scanned the crowd, finally managing to spot my friend. She’d been on the inside for days, searching for something that she still hadn’t revealed to me. Making sure that my security badge was prominently displayed on my chest, I navigated the crowd, who seemed to ignore me. Eventually I reached my friend, who was looking through one of the display cases at the masses within.

For several moments we just stood there, her tapping away at the tablet while I stood in silence, my eyes continuing to track the crowd. The motion of her tablet caught my eye and I shifted my attention to her. There on the screen were reports of the human testing going on deeper in the facility. The name of her brother was listed as one of the subjects. At least that explained why she was in the facility and why she needed my help.

With a short nod, I turned to make my way towards one of the desks, my friend following in my wake. A flash of my badge was enough to commandeer the desk. Swiftly, I accessed the system and began digging through files and protocols, trying to find some way to further our attempts to get in deeper. An idea began to form and before I could stop myself, I sent a command to the speaker system.

Moments later I had to cover my ears as a horrendous squeal erupted from the sound system. The glass on the display cases shattered, sending rats scurrying in every direction. During the bedlam my friend and I made our way further into the facility, snatching several other ID badges from the panicked lab workers along the way.

Each security door we were able to bypass opened to reveal further chaos as more and more subjects ran amuk, freed from their glass prisons. The insect room was the one we passed through the quickest as it appeared that several of the lab workers were being eaten.

Finally, we reached a door we couldn’t access, no matter which badge we used. The security panel next to the door refused to offer us access either. Reaching into my pocket, I pulled the small card given to me by our mysterious benefactor. Placing the card on the center of the door, I turned and grabbed my friend, dragging her away just before the door exploded.

Coughing and waving away the smoke, we made our way inside to see many of the lab workers already done and out. My friend rushed by me, calling out for her brother. Several people emerged from the smoke, center of which stood her brother. They eyed me and my security outfit, angry mutters rolling through their ranks before my friend and her brother were able to calm every down.

We still had to escape after all.