I stared down at the bags of money, trying to understand how they’d ended up in my possession. They were big enough that I could barely hold them in my arms, vacuum sealed. Nothing good was going to come of this, I was sure. The money wasn’t mine and there was no way for me to know whose it was.

To make matters worse, I’d found them in my truck, hidden under the seat. The truck was brand new, so it wasn’t something used where the previous owner could have hidden it there for an emergence. Or was it from the manufacturer? That had an ominous feeling to it.

After some careful thought, I returned the money to the truck and the hidden place I’d found under the passenger seat. Someone was going to come for this money. The sound of a click behind my head couldn’t have come at a worse time. Looking up, I managed to catch a glimpse of the reflection in the driver side window. Ninja outfit, with a fun pointed at the back of my head? Who wears ninja outfits in public anymore? Ninjas aren’t supposed to be seen! Didn’t he know anything about ninjas?

Slowly raising my hands, I backed up from the truck and turned around. My eyes swept over the surroundings. This wasn’t my home, as I’d been visiting a client, which I think was worse. How had they found me? Mentally shaking away the questions, I focused on the man in front of me.

Did he just start monologing? I wasn’t going to question my good luck. Instead, I focused on the surroundings, making sure he was alone. The second he took his eyes of me, one hand shot for the gun, pushing the barrel away from me, while the other reached into my belt, pulling the dagger free. A swift blow with the hilt sent the ninja crumbling to the ground unconscious.

Huh, guess they don’t make ninja lackeys like they used to.

Ignoring the body, I climbed into the truck, gunning the engine and driving away. Motion behind me caught my attention. Seems the guy had backup after all as several more ninja flashed into sight, checking the body before turning to run after me. Man they could move though, starting to catch up to me.

Putting petal to the metal, I aimed for the docks. At this point, there was only one thing that could save me. Drawing closer, I could just make out the tops of the ships currently at anchor, the flags snapping in the breeze. A grin spread across my face as I could finally make out the details on the flag.

Skull and crossbones. The Jolly Roger.

Nothing like Pirates to fight off some Ninjas.