The gentle hum of the engines peaked for a moment before settling back down as the ship dropped out of light speed. Reaching down, I unlatched from the command chair before moving to stand, arms stretched overhead. With a grin, I nodded to the navigation officer to proceeded to unlock the viewport.

Heavy armor plates slide aside, allowing the crew the first sight of our destination. A previously (at least until we’d arrived) uncharted planetary system with what we’d hoped were a number of asteroid fields and gas giants. Settling back into the chair, I soaked in the sight of the endless expanse of space. Even after all these years, the majesty still managed to impress.

A hand on my shoulder broke my from my contemplation of the infinite and I turned my head to consider the man at my shoulder. We wouldn’t be here if not for him. We were taking a huge risk but thus far, he hadn’t let us down.

“Alright, my man. This was your find, as it were. Bring us the rest of the way.”

The man nodded before closing his eyes for a moment. When they reopened, they were completely black, no white, no iris, just the pure darkness of space reflecting back at me. He slowly made his way to the navigator and the two moved together in a dance that we’d all become familiar with over the last few years.

Once again the engine hum peaked as the ship reoriented itself then began to rumble through space. Invisible electrical fingers reached through space, questing for some sign of what only that man could see. Minutes ticked by, accompanied only by the gentle murmur of the navigator and the man, with the backdrop of the engines rising and falling in pitch.

Slowly, the blast armor lowered to the cover the viewport. Startled, I bucked back into my chair just as the ship shot forward in a micro jump. In what seemed like a blink we were already back in normal space, the blast doors opening to reveal a massive ball of mixed greens and reds swirling around each other in angry ball of what was surely perpetual storms.

A massive gas giant dominated the viewport, surrounded by.. was that a triple ring system? And how many moons could I see just from the viewport? Quickly unbuckling from my chair, I jumped from my seat to stagger towards the view, my hands resting on the chilled glass. How many moons were there? I lost count at a dozen and that was just what I could see in front of me.

“Well done, my friend… well done indeed.”