Welcome to week seven of our eight week (with a slight… two month break in between) series in which we are introduced to the playable races of the World of Entyl: Chaos Prophecies, the MMORPG that I’m helping to develop. While there are many races that inhabit the world of Entyl (and we’ll get to meet them all eventually), these eight are the ones that will be available for players to choose from when they creature their characters during the initial launch of the game.

Each week we get to meet a new race, read their introduction, check out some of the inspirational artwork that we’ve found around the internet, and hopefully read some of the stories centered around those races. The art isn’t finalized concepts, as we’re still awaiting art from our art team. Instead, they are pieces of art that we’ve found that best represent the idea of what we’re going for in terms of the race.

This wee we get to meet the Groka. I hope you enjoy.


The first of us died within the month. The second generation lasted a year. The third generation almost made it to a decade before they too were considered a failure. With the fourth generation, we survived. Magic took hold, flooding our veins, permeating our very existence. A shroud of magic covered our hooves and sparkled around us, until we learned to control it.

They were so proud of themselves when we showed our powers. Those mages, so smug in their own powers, their ability to transform one being into another. They taught us their language, gave us a culture and a name.

Groka. Name for the breed of horses they used and as a nod for the orphaned humans who had given their lives for ours. Extra stock, they had called those children, disposing of the ones who did not take to the bonding process, as well as those left over after success.

We learned much from those mages, those human mages. We learned to harness the power within us. The gift of magic that their work had bestowed upon us. We learned to harness the magic around us, drawing from the world that which we needed to power the spells taught us by the humans.We learned to hate. Learned to hate the humans who had done this, not only to us, but to themselves. The disregard for the sanctity of life.

Most importantly, we learned to love. Learned the value of life and sharing that understanding with others. We managed to save a few of those orphans from the slaughter, smuggling them away into the mountains with those few of us who could escape as well. The rest gave their newly granted lives to buy us the time to escape.

We did not expect to survive that first winter, hiding in the mountain forests. We shivered and lost many, especially among the orphans, before we learned to control the magic and learned to warm ourselves and those under our protection. We spoke to the trees and convinced them to bend their limbs into our homes. We spoke to the animals, those who hadn’t gone to sleep, taught them to watch for the mages who would follow. We learned to hunt. We learned to forge with our magic. We learned to survive.

The mountain forests could not hold us past the winter, could not protect us, so we continued to wander, eventually returning our orphans to the humans we found along our way. The ones who were not mages. As the last orphan was placed, the remainder of us gathered together and ran. We ran as far as we could while the light still burned in the sky. We ran as the moon shown above. We ran as the stars guided us. We ran. Then we could run no more, for there was no more room to run.

The oceans glared back at us, defiant and smug. This was not something we could overcome. We knew nothing of how to tame and control this foe. We were forced back into the forests, where we waited for the humans to follow us. Years passed and we waited. We trained. We learned. Our magic grew. Our skills with blade and bow expanded. We learned to forge the metals of the nearby mountains, always just enough for our needs.

The humans never came, yet we felt their presence. The land heaved around us, breaking apart and forcing us to move again, lest we fall captive again.

When once again the land was still, it was changed. We trained. We learned. We waited. Yet still the humans did not come.

Our elders feel it is time to learn what has befallen the humans. Our home, surrounded by mountains, guarded and hidden by magics, untouched by humans, would remain that way. We few would venture forth and learn what had become of the humans after these many long years.


These are the piece of art that we found around the internet. We don’t own any of the art and they are not to be considered the final form. This does give a general idea of the race though, which helps with visualizing the writing.

The Groka are related in concept to the Centaur, though we’re not sticking strictly with horses for the main body. The original magic used to creature the Groka was used with humans and horses, but the magic changed as the Groka escaped and tried to learn more about the magic within and without. There is will variations and they won’t look like any horses known.

Anyway, thank you for stopping by for the Introduction to the Groka. Hopefully there will be some stories to enjoy this week regarding the Groka.

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