The reports looked grim. The doors that guarded the entrance to the mountain vaults were starting to corrode. We knew that it was only a matter of time before they began to fail, but this was way ahead of any of our projections.

When we had originally put together the plans to seal the demons in the mountains, we had also anticipated having more time in which to exact the final parts of the  seal. That would have seen the vault doors reinforced and then covered over by an avalanche. The avalanche was actually the easiest part of it. Collapsing a bunch of rock onto the door was the work of a few explosive spells. The problem was that the seals on the doors wouldn’t hold back the demons and the demons could easily dig through the stone.

The group of us made our way the weeks journey to the mountain to inspect the progress of the degradation. The temporary seals were still etched onto the stone slabs that had been situated over the original vault doors. Placing my hands on the stone, I could feel the turmoil still behind the doors. Molten stone and gold swirled in an angry vortex centered on the multitude of demons that we’d managed to lure into the vault.

Pure gold was one of the strongest dampening agents against these particular demons. It was also completely useless as a binding for demons, given the soft nature of the metal. What we’d worked out was a way to thread the gold into the lava flow below the mountain and pour that mixture into the vaults, filling the mountain with  a contained anti-magic cocktail. Unfortunately that cocktail was eating its way through the original vault doors and the stone slabs we had in place wouldn’t hold once the doors were melted through.

We’d spent most of the journey to the mountains bouncing ideas off each other, trying to work out a more permanent solution to the issue of the demons trapped in a molted prison. That night we held our last council session and made our decision.

In the morning we approached the surrounding races. The dwarves were commissioned to form the new doors seals, the elves were contacted to enchant the doors to resist the heat and the extend that magic to the surrounding area so the molten stone and gold couldn’t just ooze out the sides. The hobbits were commissioned to keep us all feed and filled with ale.

Those demons weren’t going to get out ever again.