This has been a particularly nasty exorcism. The evil spirit hadn’t wanted to go quietly and sadly, it took others down with it before I was able to stop it. The trail of bodies that had been left in the creature’s wake was sickening. I’d even lost a couple of friends who had been in the business for decades.

The worst part was that I didn’t have a proper sealing vessel. Most of them had been destroyed before I could finish my work. I had to make due with a small tin can. The seals I had wrapped around the tin made sure nothing escaped it, but it wouldn’t hold for long. I needed to find a proper receptacle.

Placing the tin can in my briefcase, I cleaned up as best I could before heading out. I still have a meeting to attend. The posh office wasn’t one that I was normally invited to, but the client was willing to pay in advance just for the opportunity to meet with me. I had to check my briefcase at the door, but that was fine. It should be fine for a quick meeting. There were security all over the building.

The meeting wasn’t what I expected. The client told me that they’d been tracking incidents for months and noticed an escalation in the nature of possessions. Frequency, scale, violence. All of them growing with each passing month. We went over the data together, talking more as I paced the room, looking over the accounts pinned to the walls.

Eventually I sat down heavily in a chair, unable to fully accept what was being shown me. My fellow exorcists had been targeted. Both by the possessed, and by others who seemed to be working for them. A commotion outside the office broke me from my thoughts. I dashed outside to find out what was going on.

Broken bodies were strewn around the room, splashed of blood painting the walls. Worse, my briefcase was missing. The creature had been taken, most likely by the same group that we had just been discussing.

When I got back to the room, I was presented with one last piece of information.

I was the last exorcist.