I can’t remember who I am. When I came to my senses I was in the middle of a pep rally at what appeared to be an ivy league college. There were cheerleaders making a stacking pyramid on the ground while some important looking people looking on from a stage that had been erected on the grounds.

I’m still not sure who everyone thought I was supposed to be. Someone important, since they kept coming to me and asking how we were going to proceed. I managed to learn that we were facing against the women’s team in a free-for-all wrestling match. Seemed more to me like the women were all trying their best to pin me down, ignoring my teammates.

They lost.

With their focus on me, the rest of my team were able to secure the victory. Somehow I was made out to be the bad guy though. After some quick talking, I was able to reassure the women that there would be other opportunities. A loss today was just a learning opportunity. I tried to ignore the way their eyes seemed to gleam in anticipation for next time.

Making my way out of the arena, I tried to ignore the greetings I received except to make vague responses. At least the locker rooms were standardized. When I approached one at random, clothes appeared that looked to be about my size. No one else seemed surprised by their appearance so I tried to hide my surprise. I quickly took care of my business and made my way into what looked like a dorm building.

I wracked my brain trying to remember what room I was in. Even just a memory of the school would be good. Nothing came to mind. Finally I approached someone who looked like a staff member. At least they were directing other people around so maybe that was all I needed. Just before I reached them, I felt a piece of paper in my pocket and pulled it out to find the dorm room, directions, and a door combination to get through the security lock that I found on the outside of the door.

Throughout everything, I kept hearing snippets of conversation, though usually it was just impressions of the information. Almost like a recollection of a memory. Those bursts of knowledge were the only real things I had been able to sense since waking in this strange world.

My pocket vibrated as a message hit the phone I was carrying. I felt the information in my head before I even opened up the message and suddenly I understood. I was hearing the text messages going on around me. How was the even possible?

I sank onto one of the beds in the room as information started to overwhelm me. All those messages surging around. I tried to organize the information in my head, only to have a thread catch my attention.

One of the staff members was a traitor. I’m still sketchy on the details but the feeling is definitely there. Of course I have no proof. I can’t just walk up to other staff members and say I can read the text message with my mind. Or can I?

I exit my dorm room to find the staff person I was preparing to approach earlier. I try to get some information to identify the person who I felt was a traitor. I felt that I should know them.

The staff member looked at my puzzled, wondering why I was asking about my father like that.