They had such good intentions.

Free energy for the world! The Towers would bring draw energy from the air and convert it into electricity to share with the world. The scientific community was ecstatic and managed to convince the world. Sure there had been opposition from the big energy companies and the oil companies, but people saw that as just more reasons to encourage the program.

Every country in the world joined the project, except for those centered around oil. The Towers themselves didn’t take long to build and within a year, the massive wooden structures were completed. They all had to be switched on at once or the scheme wouldn’t hold. With the entire globe watching, the countdown commenced.

The Towers worked as planned. Free energy for the world. Yet it did more than that. Within the first year, the world lost many satellites and space stations as meteors were dragged into orbit. A month later those meteors vanished from sight, but their effects were still felt. The various space programs around the world tracked the invisible network of rocks that stopped all space travel and soon ended our space programs. We had to develop new technology to relay all the information over land and sea.

A year after the Towers first went online, the first rift opened and disgorged a monster. Over ten stories tall, the monster ravaged the land, destroying city and forest alike, before a week later it disappeared and the rift closed. A month later, another rift and another monster. Soon, every Tower had a monster of its own wandering the area for a time before disappearing.

The Tower Program was shut down. The rifts worldwide closed, leaving their monsters stranded here. The final effect of the Towers wasn’t discovered until years later.

All children born during the time the Towers were operating began to develop powers. Usually centered around some form of elemental manipulation or personal augmentation, the Power Generation began to grow and control their powers. Some used them for good, helping to rebuild the world that was devastated by the loss of power and slowly using the other power sources again. Others took their powers and used them to secure other types of power.

Twenty years later my friends and I had joined together. We built a fort in a group of Towers that had been build close enough to each other that we could connect them all together. We learned that the Towers hadn’t completely shut down. Each of them were in a low power standby mode, just enough to keep the Towers themselves operational, but not enough to open the rifts again.

We learned to control our powers and worked on using them together. We tracked down the remaining monsters left stranded by the rifts. Eventually, we converted our Tower Trio into an airship and used it to hunt down and destroy the Monsters. Some of the other Power Generation, the ones who wanted to rule over all, decided that we needed to be hunted down ourselves. They hired other airships to attack ours.

Thus the great Power Civil War began.