Welcome to week six of our eight week series in which are are introduced to the playable races of the world of Entyl: Chaos Prophecies, the MMORPG that I’m helping to develop. While there are many races that inhabit the world of Entyl, these eight are the ones that will be available for players to choose from when they create their characters during the initial launch of the game.

Each week we get to meet a new race, with their introduction, some of the visual inspiration for the race, and then hopefully some short stories based around the race. We sadly do not have any concept art for the races, so the art we are sharing is art that we’ve found around the internet that are a close representation to what we’re hoping to achieve with the race.

This week we get to meet the Sha’rii. I hope you enjoy.


The Broodmothers speak of a time when we filled the oceans. When the Sha’rii ruled the waters. We tamed the great krakens and ushara whales. The great ones of the depths feared our might and fled to the world beneath. Our numbers were mighty and unchallenged in the waters.

The Broodmothers speak of the Turmoil, when the seas rolled and boiled, when the mountains beneath the waves erupted. When our people were slaughtered and stained the waters red. When we were driven from the seas and forced onto the islands, a mere shell of our former powers.

The Broodmothers speak of the Hungers, where our population outgrew our tiny island and we ventured back to the seas, losing many in the process. We survived and grew stronger for our suffering. We grew, we lost, we learned.

The Broodmothers speak of those who could command the waves, of the elementalists that brought the seas to heel, that taught the waves to bend and dance, that tamed the waters around our homes. That shaped the stone and coral into the guardians that keep the boats of the other mortals at bay.

The Broodmothers speak of the generation of mages, the time of Great Change among our people. They speak of the power, the great, terrible power of those mages and how they almost ruined what little civilization we had rebuilt upon our islands. How the mages needed to be put down before their combined magics could finish what was started by the Turmoil.

The Broodmothers speak of the coming war, of the need for the Sha’rii to leave our islands and venture onto the continent. They speak of the ones who brought about the Turmoil and how the Descendants of Man were poised to do it all over again. They speak of the Gath’al, Those Who Resist, and the struggle they will face.

The Broodmothers speak, and we listen. We, the Children of the Brood, the Sha’rii, offer our blades and our magic to stop the Descendants of Man. To stop the next Turmoil.


These are the piece of art that we found around the internet. We don’t own any of the art and they are not to be considered the final form. This does give a general idea of the race though, which helps with visualizing the writing.

Visually we were going with a naga race, a type of snake-hybrid with the long tail, reptilian features, and two arms. They still breed through egg clutches and are considered cold blooded. We’re not sure how snake-like the features will remain, so we’re going to play around with quite a few concepts.

Anyway, thank you for stopping by for the Introduction to the Sha’rii. Hopefully there will be some stories to enjoy this week regarding this powerful, enigmatic people.

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