Today marks the beginning of week five for our eight week series in which we are introduced to the races that will be playable in Entyl: Chaos Prophecies, the MMORPG that I’m helping to develop. While there are many races that inhabit the world of Entyl, these eight are the ones that will be available for players to choose from when they create their characters during the initial launch of the game.

Each week we get to meet a new race, with their introduction, some of the visual inspirations for the race, then hopefully some of the short stories based around the race. We don’t have any of the concept art for the races yet, so we share some of the art that we feels in related to the races. Things that help conjure feelings of those very races. Those images are gathered from around the internet.

This week we get to meet the Tarkats. I hope you enjoy.


We have always been collectors of oddities. Those bits and pieces of the world that have been left behind by others. So many wonders in this world that people have neglected and forgotten. Waiting to be unearthed and discovered.

We give the lost dream a new hope. We give them a new purpose. We give them a new life.

The families grow and as we grow we expand. We are as much at home in the sun and stars as we are in the earth and stone. Our home bridge the gap, just as we the people bridge the gap between what has come before and what shall be.

We are forever pushing to learn more. To grow our understanding. To build new wonders and see what marvels we can create.

Oh sure, sometimes a family or two get blown up in the process. Or eaten. Or buried. There was that one time with the lava but we’re sure that was an isolated incident.

We of the Tarkat are the fearless explorers, the endless tinkerers. We are the ones who learn all that the world has to offer. We may not be the strongest. We may not be the fastest. Our magic may not carve the world asunder (and considering what we’ve accomplished without that ability, we are okay with this face).

However, what we have in abundance more than any other, is curiosity.


These are pieces of art we found around the internet. We don’t own any of the pieces and they are not the final form that the Tarkats will take in the game. This does give a general idea of the race though, which helps with visualizing the writing.

Visually, we imagine a race of furry creatures about four feet tall, something like a meerkat but with better limbs for manipulation of creations, and with longer ears. We’re still playing around with the visual design for them though.

Anyway, thank you for stopping by for the introduction to the Tarkats. Hopefully I’ll have some stories about these inquisitive people to share with you.

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