Today marks the beginning of week four of our eight week series in which we are introduced to the races that will be playable in Entyl: Chaos Prophecies, the MMORPG that I’m helping to develop. While there are many races that inhabit the world of Entyl, these eight are the ones that will be available for players to choose from when they create their characters during the initial launch of the game.

Each week we get to meet a new race, with their introduction, some of the visual inspirations for the race, then hopefully some of the short stories based around the race. We don’t have any of the concept art for the races yet, so we share some of the art that we feels in related to the races. Things that help conjure feelings of those very races. Those images are gathered from around the internet.

This week we get to meet the Woodlings. I hope you enjoy.


The People remembered the Sundering. They remembered watching the world as it was ripped apart and the land drifted across the seas. They remembered who can been responsible. They had fought on the front lines against the giants, the ogres, the brutes, pitting strength against strength. They had settled as sentinels, every watchful, ever awake.

The People remembered watching the other mortal races as they struggled to piece their lives back together after the lands settled. They settled into the soil of the land to slumber and to leave the world to those who would watch over it. They watched as the humans spread across the land, their short lives and frantic lifestyles almost incomprehensible to The People.

One day The People heard the humans and other mortal races giving name to all the things. They called The People Treefolk, for they were the Forest given life, the trees that could pull up their roots and move across the world. The People did not mind the name, but the humans in their typical frantic need for change eventually changed even that name. Treefolk became the shorter Trelk. The People cared not one way or another.

The People noticed that the humans had grown numerous, their settlements stretching across the land, which the humans named Ryode. Though there was plenty of land on Ryode, the humans started fighting over those scraps of land that had already been settled. They insisted on fighting each other for what the other had rather than finding new places in which to setup roots.

For the most part, The People ignored the humans. The humans rarely lived long enough to trouble the people. Until one day in which the humans decided they needed to burn back the forest to make way for more fields to feed the every growing horde. Dozens of the people were lost that day, more than had died than ever since the ending of the Sundering.

The People were unable to defend themselves against the efforts of the humans. They feared that the humans would continue to consume the forest until none remained, only for the humans to stop as suddenly as they had started and with just as much explanation. This continued for a century, until again the humans suddenly burned a huge swath of a forest, with many of The People perishing in the flames.

After centuries of watching the humans, The People were no closer to understanding the short lives and frantic pace by which the humans lived. The People realized that they lacked a fundamental ability to understand the humans. Something had to be done. They formed smaller bodies, modeling them after the humans. The bodies were crafted to appear pleasant to the humans, to be more relatable than the talk, hulking forms of The People.

The People called the new bodies The Kin. They were shorter lived than The People, marking their lives as a single century rather than several. The humans who interacted with The Kin called them Woodlings, after their appearance and affinity for the forests. Each of the Woodlings contained a portion of member of The People who had formed it.

The crafted Woodlings were different. They grew different than The People and they understood different than The People. They could understand the humans, but they couldn’t properly convey that information to The People. They needed another set to bridge the gap. Another generation of The Kin were made, these ones slowly grown over several years, though the bodies were much the same as those that had been quickly crafted over the period of the month.

It was easy to tell which of the Woodlings were crafted and which were grown. The crafted Woodlings had a more humanoid appearance, though their skin always felt like smooth, soft wood, and resembled whichever member of The People that formed it. The Woodlings which were grown would randomly manifest aspects of The People, whether growing flowers that would fade away, or vines that would twist about before fading away.


These are pieces of art we found around the internet. We don’t own any of the pieces and they are not the final form that the Woodlings will take in the game. This does give a general idea of the race though, which helps with visualizing the writing.

Visually, we wanted a dryad type race. One that was inspired by the woodfolk. They are one of our “pretty” races. The type that are normally reserved for the elvish races. Since we have no playable elf race, we wanted something to take their place.

Anyway, thank you for stopping by for the introduction to the Woodlings. Check back throughout the week and hopefully we’ll have more pieces of writing about the woodlings.

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