Sand sprayed into the air as my target as they darted down the beach, car dodging wildly between the rocks. I was in hot pursuit, my own vehicle fanning sand behind me. I was thankful for the extra wide tires I’d ordered earlier that month. This was the first time I was really blasting down the beach and it was paying off as I was closing the distance between us.

All of my attention was focused on dodging debris, rocks, and the occasional giant crab, all while trying to maintain pursuit of the target. They were not making things easy, weaving between obstacles with a dismaying professionalism.

I was closing the gap, inching closer with each passing moment. My target suddenly swerved to the side, drifting around a large outcrop of rock, then dashing almost back the way we came. I barely made the turn, my car nearly spinning out of control before I could right myself, losing precious seconds in the pursuit.

This side of the beach appeared clear for a stretch as we both poured on the speed, no longer needing to dodge. Once again I was catching up. Each moment saw the gap between us dwindling away.

Suddenly a cave loomed into the view. The target was swallowed by the darkness until their lights flickered on. With a nervous swallow I followed them in. I kept them barely in the beams of my headlights.

They turned suddenly, dodging past a wall. I only had a moment to widen my eyes in terror before I crashed, car exploding into fiery shrapnel.

I pushed away from the console, removing the headset and glaring at my friend across from me. One of these days I would beat them at this game.

One of these days.