The desert stretched in all directions, endless, lifeless, a burning wasteland that seared the eye and stained the soul. I blinked my eyes against the blazing sun before reaching up to shade my eyes. A soft sigh escaped my lips. This wasn’t where I was meant to be. Closing my eyes, I concentrated, and shifted.

The forest stretched in all directions, endless, bustling with life, a vibrant vista of greens and browns that enriched my soul. Birds chirped in the trees and animals skittered through the underbrush. A gentle sigh escaped my lips. I wished that this was where I was meant to be, yet I needed to move on. Closing my eyes, I concentrated, and shifted.

Waters lapped at my feet as the ocean stretched in all directions, endless, rolling waters brimmed with foam and seaweed. The roar of the waters echoed in my ears and for a moment I lost myself in the immensity of the sight. Then the waters closed over my head and I struggled to breath, to concentrate. I needed to shift!

Hard concrete reached up and grabbed me before slamming me onto the floor. I coughed up seawater, curling into a ball on my side from the combined pain, the sound echoing down the long corridors. My struggles subsided as the blessed oxygen filled my lungs rather than water. I scrambled to my feet, scanning my surroundings.

The hallways stretched into the distance, numerous doors adorning the sides. I couldn’t see the end of the hall in either direction. The hallways itself was an unadorned grey, the doors black bars that stood at attention along the corridor.

I’d finally made it. Stepping up to a door, I braced myself, then opened the door. A new world revealed itself to myself. Grinning, I closed the door, and went to the next. Yet another world opened up before me.

I’d found it. The Nexus of worlds. Now I could jump anywhere.