My friends and I were checking out some new property. They’d been living with us for awhile and we were all beginning to feel a bit cramped. We needed somewhere with more space to accommodate all the people. And the cats. So many cats.

The home we were looking seemed familiar to me, though I couldn’t quite place it. We explored the interior of the abandoned home. There was a large courtyard set within what would normally be the entryway to the home. Cool, red brick adorned the floor, a tight weave that seemed almost seamless.

Nestled into the center of the courtyard was a large, empty fountain. As we approached the fountain for a better look, it sprang to life, water erupting from the central spout to cascade into the large basin. We could easily fill the fountain with koi or another type of fish, though with the cats, the fish would most likely not last long.

Our thoughts turned from the potential of the fountain and onto the mystery of the fountain. How had it activated? Was it a motion sensor? Our examination of the courtyard turned up no signs of a control for the fountain, not any evidence of monitors. We decided to push that mystery aside to further investigate the house.

There was definitely enough room for everyone. The house was ranch style, resting on a good sized property. Plenty of rooms, plenty of space, and plenty of opportunities to make it seem our own. We felt confident that it would serve our needs.

Reluctantly leaving the home behind, we made our way to meet up with the rest of families at the festival. The crowd was immense and dense. I wasn’t sure how we were all going to fit. Another friend of ours came through the crowd and then dragged us through to a cleared area where a blanket had been set out for everyone to share.

While we waited for the festival to start, my friends decided to log into the game that was setup on the screens scattered around the festival. It was a shooter game. During the game they needed to do the update, so I played for my friend while his system updated.

How did I end up winning the game and the festival while just playing for him?