Today marks the beginning of week three of our eight week series in which we are introduced to the races that will be playable in Entyl: Chaos Prophecies, the MMORPG that I’m helping to develop. While there are many races that inhabit the world of Entyl, these eight will be the ones that will be available for players to choose from when they create their characters in the initial launch of the game.

Each week we get to meet a new race, with their introduction, some of the visual inspirations for the race, and then some short stories based around the race throughout the week. We don’t have any actual concept art for the races yet, so we go with something that represents the ideals we’re looking for, gathered from around the internet.

This week we get to meet the Majestix. I hope you enjoy.


We were one of the first to shake off the shackles that tied us to the wilderness. The put aside the fate that nature had dealt upon us and bring about building our own fate. We gathered together, taming the world around us. We exerted order upon the chaos of the world.

We watched the other races grow around us, watched them grow. We saw the Treefolk shake off their slumber and lumber from the earth. We saw the arrival of the Elves, before they locked themselves away in their Citadel. And we saw the birth of man, born of earth, fire, and magic.

We watched as our great cities were raised up. We taught man to build cities, gave them home in our own. We watched as they learned and grew. We watched as their magic continued to expand. We watched as they Sundered the world apart.

We gathered the shattered remains of our people and drew away from the others. The humans were left to their own. No longer would we offer them shelter. Our focused turned inwards, bent on surviving the upheaval and rebuilding our civilization.

We grew and spread over the world that we found ourselves in. The land of Ryode called to us and we answer, using our strength , power and magic to help the other races, save for the humans. A great civil war was fought over what to do about the humans. Some felt that they should all be destroyed for their part in the Sundering. Others felt that they needed to be guided lest they do something like that once again. Yet others wanted to leave them alone.

We cut ourselves apart fighting over a people not our own. In the end, we limped back to our homes, holed up in our fortresses, licking our wounds. The council was finally reconvened and the vote cast.

We left the humans alone. We left them alone as they brought war to their own kind. We left them alone when they captured some of the Ra’shan and twisted their legacy into something new. We left them alone as they enslaved others. We left them alone as long as they left us alone.

We were attacked and could no longer leave them alone.

We were the strongest of the races. We were among the oldest of the races. We were dying nonetheless, for we were still divided.

We withdrew again and this time, we were united. The other races could not be left alone. The humans could not be left alone. They needed to become part of the whole again.

We, the Majestix, would bring them back into the fold.


The pieces of art are ones that we found around the internet. We don’t own any of these art pieces and they are not meant to be any form of final representation for the Majestix.

Visually, we were very inspired by the idea of Shere Khan from the Disney Show, Tail Spin. We pictured the upright, proud, imposing figure cut by the deadly businessman. There is power there, as well as sophistication. A more recent example would be the characters from the movie, Zootopia, though less silly and more menacing. Another example would be the character Rengar, from the game, League of Legends.

We’re still debating on if we’re going to have a mix of cat types or if we have a uniform breed, with sub breeds. That’s one of the points still under debate with our design team.

Anyway, thank you for stopping by for our introduction to the Majestix. Stop by throughout the week to see what stories we might have for these powerful guardians.

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