All I wanted was to be a normal, upstanding person. To live my life as plain as possible. I didn’t ask for these abilities. I didn’t want these abilities. I tried to run from them. I tried to ignore them. I just wanted to be normal.

They didn’t give me the chance or the choice. They forced me to learn. They tried to harness my abilities.

They taught me how to escape from them. They would never stop trying to find me.

I don’t know how long I’d been running from them. The days tended to blur together as I tried to just be normal. I had to find him. He was the only one who accepted me for who I was. He told me I was normal, no matter what I could do.

I found myself on the mountain side, gazing down at the view before continuing up the trail. Vehicles couldn’t make it up this far, but there were a number of trails leading up to the pools. Over the years, visitors had framed out the hot springs, adding glass pools for soaking and being able to observe the world. The view from the springs and pools was gorgeous, overlooking the surroundings almost completely unobstructed.

As I relaxed in one of the hot pools, letting the anxieties of my day soak away, I could feel myself being watched. Was it my friend? I looked around and finally caught sight of him at a lower pool, though his attention wasn’t on me. Searching some more revealed a pair of other gentlemen waiting at the edge of the pool.

With a sigh, I pulled myself to the edge. The men confronted me, telling me they knew who I was. They wouldn’t reveal me if I helped them capture my friend. Did they know about the relationship between us? Pushing that thought aside, I reluctantly agreed.

As my friend was getting out of the lower pool, he staggered, nearly stunned. The two men charged him, trying to tackle and capture him. Moments later both men were sprawled on the ground, unconscious, my friend standing victorious over them.

I walked over, congratulating him on his win. He knew I’d been watching and greeting me with a fist to the jaw, then a smile as he helped me back to my feet.

Just like old times.