My companion and I prowled through the market, enjoying the wonderful symphony of sights and smells. The crafts on display offered a color backdrop and each new turn brought new opportunities. We had both been through the market before, yet each time it seemed a new experience.

Once through the crafting section, we finally arrived at my favorite space. Food stands stretched in every direction, offering diverse selections from around the globe. My mouth watered as I contemplated my choices. That choice was taken away though as my companion dragged me through with a purpose, arm hooked with mine.

We came to a stop before a stir fry stand. Glancing through the ingredients on display, with the plethora of meats and veggies, my smile widened until my cheeks hurt. Turning to my companion, I gave them a thankful hug before turning back to order my food. All too soon and yet not soon enough, we were sitting at one of the little tables collected in the center of the market, enjoying our food.

The trio of men in dark suits that came to a stop behind me while I was lost in enjoyment of my food did not bode well. For them. They were disturbing me at one of my happiest times. I took the time to wipe my lips with a napkin before turning to offer the men a look, eyebrow cocked. Did they really want to do this here, in the middle of all these people? Upon getting their acceptance to wait, I turned back to savor my food.

I took more time than usual. I wanted to offer the food the proper attention. My companion had gone out of their way to bring me here and share this with me. I was going to make sure it go its proper due. My companion merely shook their head before returning their attention to the food.

With a satisfied sigh, I leaned back in my chair, the devastated remnants of my meal carefully collected and ready for disposal. The trio stepped back and made room while I took care of my trash, then followed as I motioned towards a convenient back alley at the edge of the market.

The moment we stepped around the corner, my arm whipped out in a clothesline, catching one of the men around the neck and slamming him off his feet.The other two men gave a start before turning to try and tackle me. I ducked under one while allowing the other to get his arms around my waist. Leaning back, I wrapped my arms around his torso and heaved. My back arched and the man ended up supplexed onto the concrete.

Releasing the suddenly unconscious man, I returned my attention to the final suit, who had barely recovered from his missed tackle. A quick leg sweep had him flipped over. I grabbed his legs, turned him onto his belly, tucked his legs beneath my armpits, straddled his back, and pinned him down beneath me.

Now it was time to find out just why these men decided it was a good idea to disturb my meal.