The haze of sleep lingered around me as I struggled to pull myself free from my covers. As my eyes slowly opened, the unfamiliar blurs that didn’t look anything like my room filling my drowsy gaze. Blinking away the haze, I considered the room around me.

The bed I was on seemed comfortable and familiar. The room itself was not familiar in the least. Monitors adorned one entire wall and medical equipment another. In a panic I patted myself down, searching for those wires and tubes that were no doubt keeping me alive. What type of horrible accident had I been in?

My confusion rose as I found no equipment hooked to myself. Other than the normal lethargy associated with having just woken up, I felt the picture of health. Actually, I felt even better than normal. The usual aches and pains that troubled by body were noticeably absent.

Pushing myself off the bed, I found my normal clothes folded carefully on a chair next to the bed. I quickly donned them and continued my examination of the room. There was a sterile, clinical feel to the room, one I expected from what was certainly a hospital. Only one of the monitors in the room seemed active. I made my way over and read the screen.

“Get out quickly”

Those were the only words on the screen. No sign of the staff or my reason for being there. No flowers or cards from well wishers. Confused, I turned towards the single door in the room and made my way out of the room.

The corridor was unadorned concrete, with hanging lights just out of reach overhead. Only one light in three were functioning, though at least the rest were sparking or visibly damaged. I took what little comfort I could in the fact that it didn’t appear to be some great natural disaster that had me in the facility.

Choosing a direction at random, I headed down the hallway, which seemed to stretch into the distance. Occasionally, I would encounter another doorway like my own and peeking in, find a room exactly like my own, similarly abandoned. The few doors that were closed proved too secure to allow me access. Finally I arrived at a branch in the hallway.

Glancing down one hallways revealed a group of people in dark suits speaking to each other. They spotted me and suddenly excited hand gestures and rapidfire language I didn’t recognize flashed between them. When they rushed me, I panicked and headed down the other branch.

More doors flashed by me as I ran, these ones all closed. The end of the hallway appeared with an open doorway. I dashed through, slamming the door behind me and locking it. One of computers flashed to life.

“Welcome back, Commander. It’s been fifty long years.”