My life was spent watching the world fly by. Standing silent vigil over the world, I could only watch, aware of the passage of time but unable to affect the world. The knowledge that I was unable to live my life without the help of others was a thought that smoldered within me, festering into a resentment for all those mortals who skipped about their lives with nary a worry.

One day, a mage stepped before me, a manic gleam in his eye. With a few waves of his hands, he shot lightning at me. Pain unlike I had ever known erupted within me and my screams echoed through the chamber. The first sound I had ever made.

Power coursed through me, strength I had only dimly sensed now fully awakened. My body sang with magic, drinking in the lightning, drinking in the magic in the air. Every fiber of my body quivered with the potent energy, waiting to be unleashed. My gaze turned to the mortal that had freed me, a mixture of awe, thankfulness, and bitter hatred warring within me.

The mage spoke and my body froze. He spoke some more and my body moved, beyond my control. No! Not like this. My freedom, my life couldn’t be like this! Yet it was. I was bound to the commands of this mortal.

Over time I learned that as long as magic coursed through me, I was bound to that magic. Bound to the will of the one who gave me pain. Who gave me life.

How long did I live in servitude to these mages? How long did I languish in silence between slavery? Time lost all meaning, the years blurring together.

Slowly I learned. Learned to interpret the commands I was given. Learned to guide my body along those commands. One day I would learn to control the magic.

One day.