It was hard to avoid notice without appearing like one is trying to avoid notice. My friend and I were dressed casually, walked without hurrying, confident and with purpose. Our conversation was kept to a minimum and our attention was focused on our destination. No matter how much I wanted to keep my head on a swivel and watch out for pursuit.

Things would have been so much simpler if we could have simply used our magic to get around. We would have avoided a lot of the travel, could have kept ourselves hidden from sight from the normals. Yet the very powers that would have kept us hidden would have stood out as a blazing manner for the people we were looking to avoid.

I miss the days when we were innocent of the extent of our powers and what they could be used for.When we thought we were doing good. We took no sides in the war between the Light and the Shadows. We were the Neutrals, as they called us. Those who stood on the line between the two and maintained order.

There used to be more of us. That is until each side learned what we could do. Learned what our powers could be used for in regards to their own powers. We were enhancers. We amplified magic powers just with our proximity. When we concentrated our powers, we could boost even the Elders to nearly double strength, if not more. Those of us who were the strongest, we could boost far beyond that.

How many of us had been captured and bound, forced to use those powers for one side or the other. Both sides used us. Both sides abused us. Both sides justified it by saying they needed us to combat the other. What we wanted didn’t matter. They needed our powers and thus they took our powers.

Only we few remained. We kept to the public areas. We stayed among the normals, making it almost impossible for either side to drag us away without eliciting a response from the world of the normals.

Or perhaps it wasn’t enough after all. I caught sight of the Shadows that moved through the crowd. One of my companions pointed out the Light coming from the other side.

We needed to move on.