This has been a crazy week already and it’s only Wednesday!

Monday was busy spending time checking out the new school for my eldest son. We transferred him schools and we got to meet the new teachers and school counselors. He’s actually excited for school now rather than dreading it, which is fantastic! We then spent time at the park and when we got home my wife and I spent some time together just playing some video games.

Tuesday was another big day. After my various morning meetings, I kidnapped the family and took them to the Clackamas Aquatic Center. My mother-in-law had gotten us summer passes and they ended August 31st! I intended to take full advantage of the remaining time. We all love the water so that makes it easier to enjoy.

After the pool it was time for my weekly outing with my eldest son, Michael, heading to the local game store to play some Magic: The Gathering! Along the way we always get dinner, trying a new place each week.

We decided to try the new Popeye’s Chicken that had opened along the way. We got there and the line was literally out the door. Half an hour later we had our order and piled into the car. Which wouldn’t start. Maybe it just needed to wait. We went back to the restaurant and ate our food, then went back to the car. Still nothing.

I called a tow truck and was told it would be an hour before they could get there. Michael and I chitchatted while we waited, only for me to get a call half an hour in where they informed me it would be closer to another hour from that point before they could get the tow truck to me. By this point it was going to be to late to play at the store, so a friend of mine offered to come pick up Michael while I waited for the tow.

Another phone call told me that my tow truck was further delayed and they were calling another company to pick me up. Three hours after first calling for a tow truck I finally got picked up and made it home. So much for game night.

Today we had to go look for a new car. We had been planning to get a newer mini-van, as ours didn’t really have any storage when full of children and when we shopped, we really needed the room. Not to mention wanting to pack things for trips to the coast or hiking/camping. We decided to take the bus (a novel experience for the children) and left the house shortly before 11am. We didn’t get the new car until closer to 4pm, by which point the kids were completely out of sorts. As a reward for surviving the car buying experience and not driving us too crazy while they waited, we took the kids to their favorite buffet place, Hometown Buffet.

All this excitement meant I haven’t had any time to work on my writing, until right now.

At least we’ve got a new car though!

And with all that out of the way, time for me to buckle down and get some writing done.

Right after I finish catching up on the blogs I’m reading, answer some emails, get the kids ready for bed…

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