Today marks the second week of our eight week series in which we are introduced to the races that will be playable in Entyl: Chaos Prophecies, the MMORPG that I’m working on developing. While there are many more races that inhabit the world of Entyl, these eight will be the ones that will be available for players to choose from when they create their characters.

Each week we will meet a new race, their intro, see some of the visual inspirations for the race, and hopefully some short stories about them. We don’t have any actual artwork of what the races will look like in the finalized version, but we do have some of the visual inspirations.

This week we meet the Kraviks. I hope you enjoy.


Hardship and pain.

Those were the gifts we were given when we were brought into this world. We had no identity. No sense of self. We were who they said we were and we knew no better. Had no reason to think that a different life existed.

The Empire made us. They created our bodies with magic and suffering. Manipulated us from before we were born, twisted in the eggs until we became how they wanted. So many died before they learned to make use the way they wanted.

We were strong. We were powerful. We were helpless before their magic, unable to resist and ignorant even of the need to resist. Why would we? This was all we had ever known. All we had been bred, taught and trained for.

They put us in their fields. They put us in their quarries. They put us in their mines. They put us in their arenas. We bled for them. We died for them.

They were our entire world, the only one we had ever known.

Until we learned more. Shown more. Our elders, the veterans of the wars, spoke of the Visions. They spoke of the God of Slaughter, who would one day welcome us. It was Harr who brought us to life, to live, to learn, to suffer, and to slaughter, to prepare for the world for His return.

Those who fell in this world would join Harr in the slaughter against the other Dragon Gods. Those that remained would pave the way for their return.

When the ones who came before returned to free us, we were prepared . The Empire had lied to us and had not prepared us as Harr wished. We needed to be apart from the Empire. We needed to establish our own Empire.

We took on the name Kravik, Those Who Prepare. And we will prepare. Harr calls us to battle.

INSPIRATIONAL ART: These are pieces found around the internet. I don’t own any of these and they are not by any means the final piece.

Visually, we were inspired by the character Killer Croc from the Batman series. The Kraviks are a magically created hybrid of the Ra’shan. They preserve the lizard qualities from the swamp dwellers, but add in a bunch of stamina and other abilities. They lost the tail but gained some strength.

Anyway, thank you for stopping by for our intro to the Kraviks. Stay tuned this week for more about these freed, magical slaves.

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