We were invited to tour the facility and learn about their process. The contents of the building were a long debated secret, yet we were allowed in, alongside a number of other investigators. As we waited in the lobby, we chitchatted back and forth, discussing the rumors that swirled around the facility.

Several minutes later one of the lead staff arrived to give us the tour. They explained how they help people with enhanced abilities to hone those abilities. The facility was designed to handle stresses in far excess of that of the “normal” world. They often were visited by some of the people the world had deemed as “supers” and even those that the world was still ignorant off.

While the tour was going through, they didn’t let us see everywhere. The guide pointed out several areas that were off limits for safety. Understanding that part, we nodded and continued onwards.

As the tour continued deeper into the facility, we inquired why were the ones allowed in. The staff member smiled and said it was because we were all enhanced individuals, but that our powers hadn’t been activated yet. A bright light suddenly blinded us. Pain filled my body, as though I were being ripped apart and put back together again.

When I could pull myself together again and sight returned, I looked around the room to see the rest of the tour members in similar states of dishevel. The guide had a small smile on her face as she motioned to a section of the room. The wall faded away to reveal another huge room filled with staff, all equipped with various instruments.

The guide welcomed us to the ranks of the enhanced and explained that the rest of the staff would help us determine our powers. After that they had a wardrobe ready before we would all meet again in the auditorium for a briefing.

Although not trusting what had just happened, I realized that I had little choice than to go along. I needed more information and they would be able to give it to me. During the process I learned that I was enhanced with greater endurance, a toughened skin, and some increase in strength.My companion was given a mental ability that they were still trying to understand.

Once we were somewhat settled into our new abilities, we checked out the wardrobe. I went with some comfortable robes, while my companion ended up with a gorgeous silver gown with thigh high slits. We joined the rest of the people in the auditorium and listened as they told us of the collection of enhanced individuals that were working across the world to make it a better place.

The longer the briefing went on, the more uneasy I began to feel. It finally dawned on me that the facility was training its own personal army. Most of what they did was good, but a lot of it seemed on the shady side as well. I stood to leave and two of the armed security suddenly appeared at my side, directing me back to my seat. Even after I stated my intention to go home, they told me I had no choice but to stay.

My companion and I were not about to stand for that and tried to fight our way out. Some of the other enhanced decided to join us and soon it was an outright brawl that spilled across the auditorium.

A grunt escaped me as I felt something pierce my skin and stab deep into my back. My companion took my hand and in a burst of energy, we disappeared from the facility.

We took some time to heal and train, always on the move. They still found us. Several times we had to fight off “recruiters”, little more than gunmen and hired assassins. We learned to control our abilities.

Up until the missile strike. I survived unharmed but my companion, who by then I’d married… she wasn’t the same. Her power had shifted as a result of the explosion. Her world degenerated to that of a child and she couldn’t remember much of her past, save for me being someone important to her.

I needed help to cure her. I needed to find other like us.