One of the chandeliers flickered before fading out. I glanced up and frowned. That was the second one to short out this week. Sure, it didn’t affect the overall brightness of the room, given the sheer volume of other light sources in the overlarge greatroom. However, it was frustrating when trying to maintain a level of professionalism when hosting the game nights.

I headed into the storeroom to get a few replacement bulbs just in case, while getting on the phone with my electrician. He agreed to meet me later on to get the chandelier fixed but also said it wouldn’t be any time soon. Too many other projects going on.

This is what I get for trying to manage my own hotel. Still, it was a fantastic, if frustrating, experience thus far and we regularly had the hotel filled to capacity. It helped that we catered to the gaming crowd, with regular events, not to mention the game nights I personally hosted.

Making my way back out to the greatroom, I took a moment to great each of the staff, asking how they were doing and calling them by name. Many of them joined in on the gaming sessions when they were off shift and I’d gotten to know them quite well.

Upon returning to the greatroom, I caught sight of the main table and the people circling around it. The latest group for the Star Wars galactic takeover campaign were all gathered and eager. I even noticed a couple of new faces. A large map had been spread across the table and numerous notepads and dice adorned the spaces in front of the players.

Just as I was settling into the GM spot at the table, a loud shriek sounded from the other side of the room.I rushed over along with pretty much everyone from the table. A large puddle of water was leaking from the walls and spreading across the carpets.

After fifteen minutes of examinations we were finally able to identify the source. Someone had drilled a hole in the wall and put the hose in full blast, flooding the walls of the hotel.

Time for some major renovations. Ah well. I’d been wanting to knock down that wall and expand the greatroom anyway.