My wife and my friends and I made our way to the local grocery story. We received reports of the demons infesting the area and hoped to draw them into the open. Mostly we wandered through the store, trying to find signs of infestation. While we did see some shady looking individuals (I mean, no one really looks like they’re straight from Teen Beach Movie), we couldn’t find any definitive signs of demonic activity or possession.

Just as we were leaving the story, my mother arrived. She had brought with her a rattle that was said to agitate the demons. A grin made its way to my face and I slowly walked around the story, shaking the rattle. Almost immediately a pile of lemons and limes started rumbled before a large demon rat and badger crawled their way out of the fruit.

Unfortunately I was on my own as everyone else had spread throughout the store looking for the demons. The two beasts rushed me and only a quick snap kick to the snout of the badger prevented me from what looked like a quite nasty bite. The rat darted in as well, easily standing as tall as my hip. I backpedaled hard to try and avoid that one.

As the fight progressed, me mostly on the defensive, I continued to shake the rattle, watching as the demons would flinch. I learned to time those shakes with the attacks to disrupt their rhythm and allow me to successfully land some blows.

Just as I was about to execute the rat, I had to dodge to the side as a cat demon came barreling down the aisle. The demon hissed and growled as it was followed by my wife and friends. Looking around frantically, it caught sight of a pizza box sitting on the ground and dove into the cardboard. The Demon’s name appeared on the cover before the box began squirming to get under the displays nearby.

I managed to stomp on the box to keep it from leaving, It squirmed under my boot. I was told to cover the name to keep the demon from escaping again and moved my foot accordingly. Unfortunately, that left me at a disadvantage as the previous two demons renewed their assaults.