Roars of violence turned to roars of pain as my blade sliced through the demons surrounding me. Many tried to back away as the reality of the situation dawned on them. All too many of them lay twitching on the ground, fetid blood pooling on the cooling cobblestones. This particular back of demons had spawned in an abandoned monastery outside the town.

Some of the larger demons pushed forward, stepping over and on their fellows in an effort to get at me with talon, claw , and teeth. With a grin, I ducked back, slashing with my sword to keep them at bay for just a moment long. Finally I heard the screeching cries as the mutalisks flew in, launching their corrosive glaives at the demons. Boy was I thankful I stopped by the local zerg hive for help before going on this little expedition.

Stepping back into the fight, I unleashed my blade on the confused demons, easily dispatching my disoriented foes. The rest of the demons, those that were still mobile, decided to finally make a break for it. I sent the mutalisks as the quicker of the bunch then chased down the rest on my own. It was a grim night’s work but necessary all the same.

Steam rose from my blood and gore covered armor, some of the unprotected cloth hissing from the acids. Sighing, I tore off the cape and tossed it onto a nearby fire. I rather liked that cape. It had lasted almost two whole weeks of this work! That had to be some kind of record.

Stopping by a stream on my way back to town, I was able to wash away the evidence of my nightly activities. The morning was swiftly approaching by this time, so I made my way back to town. This was a new town for me and I paused to admire the myriad of water features that seemed to adorn every major business. Even some of the hotels sported fountains and streams that wandered around the building.

Sadly, I did not have time to truly take in the sights. I retrieved my horse from the stables and headed out of town. There were reports of another monster and even a rogue dragon that needed dealt with.

As I was making camp for the night just a day outside of town, one of my local contacts found me around the campfire. She warned me that the locals had formed up a posse to try and slay the demon of the monastery. Unfortunately, they though I was the demon. Shaking my head at the stupidity of man, I thanked my friend and get myself ready.

I had guests to welcome.