Today marks the first week of an eight week series in which we are introduced to the races that will be playable in Entyl: Chaos Prophecies, the MMORPG that I’m working on developing. While there are many more races that inhabit the world of Entyl, these eight will be the ones that will be available for players to choose from when they create their characters.

Each week we will introduce a new race on Monday, then throughout the week we’ll talk more about the races, hopefully sharing some short stories about each race. Currently, we don’t have any art so we’ll be sharing the pieces that we’ve found around the internet that give an idea of the image we’re looking for. (My artist is still getting used to the new drawing program he’s using.)

This week we meet the Ra’shan. I hope you enjoy.


We are born of the swamps. They have nurtured our peoples since before the time of memory and they shall shelter us when our bodies return to the muck from which we were born. The swamps fed us, sheltered us, and nurtured us, until we grew strong enough to leave the swamps. Yet the swamps shall always be a part of us. Those fetid waters flowing in our veins.

For too many generations, we fought among ourselves, staining the mud and waters red. So many lives lost and for nothing. For a few scraps and for a better place in which to place our nests. The shamans, we who could commune the spirits of our ancestors. We learned of our history. We shared the stories with the rest of the families, taught them all we could, until they were finally willing to stop fighting and learn.

The swamps could no longer keep us. The swamps they let us go. We spread from the swamps, to the marsh, to the plains, and to the mountains. We spread and we searched. We grew. We never forgot our homes though. The totems of our people stood guard over the land of our ancestors and kept it safe. Our shamans continued to visit our homes to commune with the spirits.

One day, we met Man. Great was the blood that was spilled that day. Man knew not the swamps. Knew not their ancestors. They couldn’t not and would not speak to the spirits and were weaker for it. Yet there we so many of them.

Mighty was man. Mighty their numbers. Mighty their magics.

They bent our natures. They tore our souls and bodies apart. Those who could, fled back to our homes, drawing back into the mud. Those we left behind became corrupted. Became the Kraviks, the brutish slaves for the humans.

We cleaned our wounds. Gave the dead back to the swamp. We knew we could not face those powers alone again.

Yet vengeance must needs be met. Blood must answer for blood.

Our children spread back into the world, learning the magic of the land. We joined with the other peoples and managed to free most of our corrupted people. Now we must learn to communicate with those that are part of us yet no longer part of us.

We will always be part of the swamp. Yet this wide world… it belongs to us to.

INSPIRATIONAL ART (pieces found via google. I don’t own any of these and these are by no means the final look for the Ra’shan)

Visually, we are very inspired by The Lizard, from Spiderman. He exemplifies the look we’re going for. Slightly hunched over, very lizard-like. Primarily meat eaters. Only four fingers per hand and four toes/talons on the feet. Long, powerful tale. We’ll be adding our own spin to the look, as we’ll looking for something that evolved to survive in the swamps.

Anyway, thank you for stopping by for our intro to the Ra’shan. Stay tuned each day this week as we discuss more about these swamp dwellers. Their history, their culture, and their part in the greater story.

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