Leaning back from the computer, I rubbed the bridge of my nose, trying to work away some of the tension. These projects were always difficult, made more so by the sensitive nature of the content. So many people wanting help, each of them a unique case.

Selecting which project to work on was one of the hardest aspects of the job. Only one of the aspects though, as watching people fail to make good on the offers I had for them was easily the hardest aspect. I would respond to their requests and give them the options they needed to succeed and then I had to watch as they struggled to fulfill their part of the obligations and lose the help that we could have offered.

Some days were easier. Others, like today, were a bit harder to handle. I pushed away from the desk and left my office. I wasn’t the only wish giver in the building, but we weren’t usually a social bunch. We couldn’t talk about any of the projects we were working on.

I made it to the work store, picking up a few things to help me feel better. I avoided the other patrons, trying to pay for my purchases without engaging the staff in conversation. They always wanted to know who I had helped save or what grand project I was working on next. I was always vague.

Finally I managed to escape the store and took my food out to the atrium. The plants were calming, as was watching the children scamper too and fro. Several of them were even playing hopscotch on the other side of the area. I spotted a pair of my colleagues joining into the game and for a brief moment, felt the tug to be social. Fortunately, I managed to brush the feeling aside before it could cause me to do something uncomfortable.

Quickly finishing my food, I made my way back to the office. One of my screens showed that a wish was getting close to finishing the prerequisites for fulfillment! Perhaps I would be able to do some good today after all.