My wife and I spun across the dance floor, enjoying the time together and our own little private moment, surrounded by friends and strangers. The reunion had been going on for several hours already but the dancing had only just begun. We took advantage of the chance to escape from the myriad conversation in which we had become enmeshed and found the time to just spend together.

There were so many people at the event, many that I recognized and could call by name, some few that I could recall by sight but not who they were, and others I simple had no clue who they were. Some had been greeted as the old friends they were. Others had walked up to me and treated me the same way, though I couldn’t recall them at all either.

After the dance we headed to the kitchens for some refreshment. I looked at the refrigerator and noticed that some of my photos had been replaced. A lot of pictures of my current family were missing and were instead replaced with my ex-wife. I’m not sure who did the switching but it was something I was not happy with.

A swift bit of magic had all the pictures corrected and switched out. My current family reigned supreme on the fridge once again. Just as I was admiring my handiwork, my parents came into the room and admired the pictures with us. I could tell it hadn’t been them who had switched things up. It was time to investigate.

I made my rounds through the gathering of friends, family, and strangers. Weaving the pictures into the dialog took some effort on for some conversations. With others I just asked them straight out. None confessed to what had been going on though.

Just as I was finishing up my final round of questioning, a group of figures burst in through the doors of the auditorium. Cloaked and shrouded, they immediately began throwing magic around the room. Blades of wind and balls of fire flashed towards the crowd. Several screams rose into the air as grim confirmation of the successful attack.

My own magic rose in response, a blast of air knocking the attacks back through the doors and outside. I finally had the room to cut loose without worrying about anyone else getting hurt.

Except for the attackers, of course.