In building the world of Entyl, I’m privileged enough to have almost complete freedom in designing the world. From the overall geography and story on how the world developed, to the minutia of the every day life of its citizens. Each race has been crafted by me, albeit after some strong discussions with the rest of the design team.

For our first game set in Entyl, we wanted to have eight playable races for each person to pick from when they entered the world. Each of those races would have a purpose, a reason for being involved in the story. They would have backgrounds on how they got there.

They each had a lore, a backstory, an evolution.

In addition to the why and how of involving those races into the main story, I get to figure out how each race functions. Building their culture, their religion, their motivations as a whole. Sure, each individual character that people get to see and interact with will have their own motivations, but the people as a whole also have their own hopes and dreams.

Each Monday, starting this coming Monday, August 22, 2016, I will introduce you to one of the eight races that will be playable in the Entyl world. You’ll hear their short backstory and then through the week I hope to be able to share some short stories based around each of those races.

I’m excited for this opportunity to share more of this world as it grows and develops. I hope you enjoy a peek within the world.

Maybe you’ll be able to help influence the world a bit as I would love the feedback, not only on the background, but on the short stories as well.

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