The Dream I had last night:

The cool glow from the computer monitors gave the room a nice cheerful feeling, matching the skyscape projected on the ceiling. The click click click of the keyboard wove with the music lightly playing on the speakers. It was a nice, relaxing night for playing some online role-playing games.

As I logged on, I was notified that our city was under attack. Heading over there, I caught many of the invaders by surprise and slew them with wanton abandon. I’d always made sure I was overleveled for the game and it really showed as the battle was fairly easy and almost singlehandedly I was able to repel the invasion.

After a few minutes I received a call from one of the admins, Lando Calrissian. He told me there were several complaints that I was a hacker and that my system was broken. I invited him to check out my system and showed him everything I had done. He agreed that I wasn’t doing anything wrong and even invited me to join him on a dragon hunt.

The dragon had been terrorizing some of the towns on the border so we flew over there. Upon landing we were immediately beset by some of the surviving village inhabitants who described the dragon and where it normally dwelt in the forest. We headed over there and with some judicial use of overpowered fire magic, leveled the forest and the dragon within. I’m fairly certain more than a few acres were ash now.

Eventually I logged out for the day and headedout to do some shopping with some friend. Uhura met me there and gave me advice on some of the Christmas presents that I was looking to pick up for my family and friends. We asked that they be delivered to the house then headed back to get everything situated.