After a fair bit of brainstorming and discussion with the rest of my design team, I’m excited to say that we’ve finally nailed down the final playable race for the initial world of Entyl! This means that I can get to writing the complete storyline for the beginning of the game.

I’ve had a rough outline for the story for a number of months now but haven’t been able to complete the initial world building without knowing who all (racewise) was going to be involved in each portion of the game. Now that I’ve got that last detail completed I’m able to get to some serious writing.

I’ve already been integrating the other seven races into the story, building their history, their culture, their religions, and the reasons they’re involved in the story the way I’ve got them setup. Now I have the final piece of the puzzle and everything else is going to slide into place.

Or so I tell myself.

There is still a ton of work to do but it’s exciting that things are progressing how they are. With the overall story determined, the main story arches set down as well, it’s just the little details that are left to work out for how the game will progress.

Of course, that still gives me a ton of room for backstory and world building! Those are some of my favorite parts of the writing. Breathing life into a world and seeing it grow. Sometimes I get to be surprised by what makes it into a world. How things get interconnected!

Either way, it’s great to be making progress!

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