The Dream I had last night:

Standing atop the school house, I watched as the students milled about below me. While it was still the middle of the day, many of the students had free time. Several of them had even made their way up to join me on the roof. Some of the other staff had arranged for a sandwich buffet and tabled stretched across one section of the roof.

After availing myself of some of the lunch offerings, I headed down into the school, greeting others, staff and students alike, as I made my way deeper into the school. We were one of the larger, more fully funded facilities in the area. We taught a lot of non-standard curriculum in addition to the normal studies.

I eventually arrived at one of my favorite sections of the school. The garage was filled with many works in progress, from fully functional vehicles, to ones being built from the ground up. A few of the people I knew from my time as a mercenary were working on one of the armored vehicle projects, though the vehicles were still very much in the bare frames stage at this point.

Just as I was going over some of the blueprints set on the table next to the project, a loud explosion rocked the school. A call came through that the school was under attack by bounty hunters. Were they here for us or some of the students? Either way, they needed to be stopped. Most likely they’d taken out the gates to prevent anyone from leaving. They would be heading to the vehicle bay next.

Ordering the rest of the staff around me to delay the bounty hunters, I headed inside, calling for more staff and directing them to get the children into the rooms. Each of our classrooms were designed as bunkers and the solid doors would keep them all safe in a situation like this. I quickly guided all of the students in my sight into their rooms before heading to the armory.

We didn’t stock any firearms in the school, but we did maintain a healthy selection of melee weapons. A pair of life axes and a sword joined the daggers already in my belt before I turned to head back to the garage.

Just as I was nearing the garage, one of the bounty hunters stepped through the doors. He easily topped six and a half feet tall and seemed almost as wide at the shoulders, all muscle and malice. Drawing my axes, I prepared to defend the school.