Today was one of those days where you wake up from the dreams filled with confusion as the last lingering wisps of the dream escaped from memory. I had been jolted awake by my daughter climbing into bed with me. Pushing aside the haze of morning, I went to prepare her breakfast while struggling to grasp the dispersing fragments of my dream.

Once I had my daughter situated, I returned to slumber, trying in vain to attain that last hour of sleep that I so desperately craved. Fortunately I was able to pass out right away, crashing hard in my wife’s embrace. Morpheus greeted me with a series of dreams that all flashed through mind with vivid clarity, only to fade when I finally pulled myself from bed.

The duties of the morning called me away from my notepad. Away from my phone or computer. I had no chance to write down the impressions I’d gained from those fleeting glimpses of other worlds. Here I am, several hours later and I cannot recall but fragments of those dreams, too dispersed to form any kind of coherent whole.

Alas, the duties of father came before those of writer today and my dreams suffered the fallout. Fortunately, my kids are all wonderful and make up for it. I got to spend some time cleaning the house with my daughter, helping my son pick out a new helmet to go with the bike that he’s going to ride to school, and I got to color Disney pictures.

Those are some of the best waking dreams, in my opinion.