The Dream I had last night:

I ran through the facility, dodging around other frantic workers as I made my way to the command room. The call had been urgent and mostly incoherent. Panic was settling in as I noticed everyone running through the facility in all directions. Finally I arrived at the command room, the thick metal doors sliding apart with a rush of sealed air.

Only two people occupied the control room. My fellow designers. The ones who had brought our creations to life. True Digital Reality. The ability to bring things from the world of augmented reality and let them operate in the real world. It had revolutionized the ability to develop other technologies, allowing us to examine our experiments in real time and manipulate them without the need for heavy equipment. However, there were some unfortunate side effects.

One of our main servers suffered a terrorist attack. Our theory was that they were just trying to gain access to the information. Instead, it unleashed a virus that corrupted the server and started generating creatures that had overrun that facility and driven us into evacuation. The military had been called in, but the digital creations multiplied faster than they were destroyed. The entire island had been evacuated and cut off from the rest of the world. Or so we had thought.

Looking at the screens in the command room, they showed that several communications lines had been left intact to the island and the digital creations had used those as a type of tunnel from which to escape the island. They were even now pouring out of the subway and overrunning building after building, consuming the building and converting the mass to TDR (True Digital Reality).

The other two brought us over and pointed out a project they were working on. They called it the Light Nuke and it was a purely digital weapon that should, in theory, only affect things that had been brought to life by TDR. We only had a few of them though so we had to be careful.

All three of us suited up, strapped on the nukes, and headed out to the affected area. We also had some new experimental light guns that should, in theory, stop the TDR monsters in their tracks.

Just as we reached the outskirts of the target area, Alice, the digital representation of our security system, modeled after my daughter, flashed into being. She warned us of what awaited us. The terrors that existed just beyond sight. She wouldn’t be able to protect me once I went in.

I nodded and kicked down the doors.


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