The Dream I had last night:

The bounty hunter stood before their captive audience. Some of them fellow bounty hunters, others actual captives. A holo-projector behind them showed one of the most well defended safe houses in existence, with a notorious criminal lounging in comfort, a smug grin on his face.

After waving towards the display, the bounty hunter went through a long speech about how they were going to revolutionize the bounty trade. How no criminal would be safe, no matter where they were. They pointed towards the criminal, then waved to some of their associates who were out of site.

A low pitched hum sounded in the room before building in intensity. A bright white light filled the room, causing everyone to flinch and turn away for a moment. When they turned back, the criminal from the projection was sitting in their same chair, only now they were on the stage, staring around them in confusion. Several of the bounty hunters stepped forward to take the man into custody, while the rest of them cheered.

Teleportation. True matter transmission.  Standing in the back of the group, I allowed a grin to spread upon my lips. This was going to be bigger than any of them imagined. I needed to get that tech back to my own people so we could duplicate it, expand upon it, and revolutionize transportation as we know it.

I left the expo, calling my associates and letting them know what I’d discovered. On my way to meet them I stopped by my own house. The new owners had done some major renovations on the building and I was curious to see what they’d done and to see if they’d found some of the secrets we’d left behind.

Knocking on the door, I considered how much I was going to tell them. The person who answered the door was polite and listened as I told them who I was. They agreed to get the owners of the house for me. Soon I was escorted into the parlor, where we talked about the history of the house and I confided in them some of the secrets of the house. We explored the house together, them pointing out the changes they’d made and me pointing out the places they could explore, the hidden cellar and the lab.

The lab was what I was really there for, all the equipment still just the way I’d left it.


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Picture of the home I did most of my growing up in.