The Dream I had last night:

The Facility was located out in the sticks. It made sense, given the type of research they were conducting, but it sure made it inconvenient to get to. Thankfully, they’d provided us with some nice equipment to use to traverse the terrain on our way there. The hovercraft they’d equipped for us was able to skim over the rough, broken terrain and even let us dart over the lake the facility was built over.

After I docked outside the facility, I made my way through the three security checkpoints to the main lab. The head researcher was looking over reports before turning to one of the huge water tanks that had been setup in the lab. Swimming around in the tank was one of the larger squids in the collection, though not the largest by far. This one only measured a mere fifteen feet long if you don’t count the tentacles. It was also a deep blue.

Talking with the researcher, I discovered that they had been working on separating components of the squids, learning to split their personalities. This one was the supposed “good” half of one of our smarter specimens. It appeared to watch us through the glass. I nodded in greeting and it nodded in reply.

I questioned the necessity of splitting the personality of an already amoral killer. Especially considering the powers that such a creature had at its disposal. The supposed good one though, that one seemed an interesting character.

A loud thud echoed throughout the facility. Followed by another. Then another. Looking around, I could see the squid in a panic, trying to escape the tank. But that wasn’t where the sound was coming from. It was from deeper in the facility. Where the other squid were kept.

Suddenly, a tentacle slithered across the tiles, snagged the researched, and disappeared.


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