Some girls are given dollies
Others get teddies or sheep.
Daddy gave his daughter dragons
To watch over her in her sleep.

Some of them sit on the shelves
While others hang over head.
There are dragons on her blankets
And some that sleep in her bed.

There’s a red with wings outspread
Standing proud and strong.
The blue is shy but wants to fly
And bring the girl along.

A shimmering green has glimmering wings
That sparkle in the night.
The bouncing grey just loves to play
Always laughing in delight.

There are blacks and whites
Polka dots and stripes
Oranges, purples, and rainbows too
The dragons come in every hue.

In all sizes and shapes they fly
Through the dreamer’s starry sky.
Keeping watch from up above
Powered by her daddy’s love.

What dreams do little girls build
With dragons dreaming by her side
What wishes will she find fulfilled
By the powers dragons can provide

Do they wander through the worlds
A new adventure every night
As each horizon is unfurled
Revealing another grand delight

Does she gain wings of her own
Soar majestic through the skies
Or are the dragons wings on loan
And on their power she relies

Yet on the nights when things that fright
Skitter from under the bed
The dragons stand beside her to fight
Beating back the dread

There is nothing that they cannot overcome
Together they stand proud and strong
These dragons are gifts, every one
Together is where they belong

Through dreams and fears over the years
Dragons protect her, both big and small
But for this little girl, her daddy
Is the bravest and bestest dragon of all.


A poem I wrote for my daughter based off the Halloween costume she wore to her first Halloween! This is one I hope to turn into a book one day, once I can afford the art.

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