The Dream I had last night:

Excitement filled me as I made my way towards the shop where the tournament was going to take place. It had been a struggle getting up to this point in the competition but i was excited to make it to the Finals.

The shop seemed a little on the darker side, although the building was in a nicer neighborhood. The exterior of the building was black, which to me was usually a bonus. However it was more dirty than artfully black, which seemed to offend me for some reason.

Shrugging away the dark feelings, I made my way inside. Things were much as I expected, with computer stations setup around the room. Several doorways were blocked off and marked off-limits. Interesting. Moving on, I got myself registered for the event before wandering around the shop and checking out some of the gaming stations.

While I was wandering around, one of the other attendees got my attention. After looking around to make sure no one was around listening in, he told me about a log book that the shop was keeping. It was an older, paper logbook. T decided that I would check out the rumors and asked the other person to provide a distraction.

The logbook was hidden under the counter. Opening the logbook I found a record of gamers, all of which had been reported missing of late. The book also detailed where those gamers were being held, beneath the shop. After memorizing where the gamers were being held, I replaced the book and hightailed it from behind the counter.

I made my way through the shop, keeping an eye on the shop attendants. There were several doors that were marked off limits that stood between me and the stairway leading down. Fortunately there were no guards, only the doors. After several tense minutes of exploration, I finally found the last door.

The gamers were trapped in cages, huddled together like so many animals. They appeared to be barely dressed, huddled over, dirty and starving. There was nothing that I could do about them right now. I needed to get out of there and get some help. Fortunately, I wasn’t spotted on the way out either.

Abandoning my slot in the tournament, I made a call to meet some of my other agents in the nearby mall. We all headed to the food court. Just as we were discussing the details on how to rescue the gamers, the mall came under terrorist attack.


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