The Dream I had last night:

Many of the major roads had been washed out in the storm over the past few days. There were almost no paths out of the city. I needed to leave though. Things were overcrowded with all the people who had poured into the city to escape the storm in the first place.

The rains had yet to recede but at least the blistering winds and the lightning had stopped. Visibility was still poor but it was enough to make out the path, what was left of it. The car inched forward as I tried to follow the barely there trail.

I’m not sure how many other vehicles had gone before me. There were no signs of them, other than the ruts being worn into the mud and sand. I continued to inch along, straining to see through the rain. I was actually beginning to miss those flashes of lightning. That might have helped with seeing the path.

Suddenly one of those flashes of lightning I’d been craving illuminated the surroundings, just long enough for me to see the ledge the car was heading for. There wasn’t time to stop so I threw open the door and dove to the side. The car went tumbling over the ledge. Metal screeched and squeeled as the car landed amidst others who had been just as unfortunate.

Gingerly I made my way to the ledge, gazing down upon the carnage. Almost everyone who had left before me seemed to be trapped down among the wreckage. I could barely make out the cries of those still trapped in their vehicles and could see others scurrying among the vehicles to try and rescue them.

Looking around, I spotted a somewhat shallow path down the ledge and made my way down, taking it slow to avoid adding myself to those that needed rescue. Soon I was among the metal carnage, searching among the vehicles for those who could be saved and directing others to try and salvage some of the vehicles. We would most likely  be here for awhile.



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Picture by Pixabay