One of my favorite things about writing is creating worlds. Building the history and the lore. Giving it a living, breathing feeling that continues to evolve as more pieces are put into place. My characters have backstories, they have personalities, they have reasons for doing what they do.

I love to flesh out that history with little scenes from different periods of the world. Seeing how the world has evolved from scene to scene. Those little interconnected pieces that weave together to build the fabric of the world.

The biggest problem that I have found when I’m world building is when I lose myself in the process. I forget what I am building the world for and end up just building the world for its own sake rather than as part of the story that I had originally tended to write.

How deep into the world building process should you go? Should you go for Tolkien depth where you create your own language and have hundreds of pages of notes on the way everything works in that world? Or maybe like Star Wars the original trilogy where you don’t explain how anything works, it’s just there (and you leave it up to the fans to come up with all the technical aspects of things).

It’s always a debate within myself of how far I want to go with building a new world. Every time I look to start writing in a new setting, I think to myself… how would this world work? What were the people up to before my story started? What about the other side of the world/galaxy?

Maybe I’m just easily distracted.