The Dream I had the night of 08-07-2016:

I was driving up the mountain path, heading to the massive hotel that dominated the bluff. Along the way there were several military check points. My credentials proved enough to allow me through most of them but one in particular needed to scrutinize my papers and ID. While handing back my papers, I felt another set underneath and quietly tucked the new orders into the glove box until I reached the event.

Finally I reached the hotel and got checked in, then made my way to the ballroom. There were so many people there, some I hadn’t seen in years, most I’d never met at all. There were a couple of weddings planned for the event but for the most part it was a giant family reunion for the extended family.

As I got there and started to mingle, they started one of the first events. Water balloon dodgeball. I had a lot of fun and managed to nail some of my cousins pretty good, though they gave as good as they got. I was completely drenched by the time I made it outside to read my orders.

I was ordered to report to a drop point near the hotel. By the time I reached the position it was almost completely overrun by military personnel. They had an interesting order for me. A make-up artist came out and ordered me covered in a sparkly body rub. In spite of the shudder running through my body, I completed my preparations and moved to the next part of the assignment.

Bringing breakfast to one of the non-related, other guests in the hotel and seducing them for information.


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Picture by Pixabay