The Dream I had the night of 08-06-2016:

Things had been quite of late. The invasions and attacks had ended a few days ago and the order to stand down had finally been given. A friend and I were walking down the corridor of the facility when I glanced out the window. Although the surrounding landscape had been recently mowed, I noticed a huge section of weeds that seemed to tower over the surroundings.

Beckoning my friend to join me, we headed out to the field. The plants were taller than either of us and seemed completely out of place. Walking around the towering weed, we tried to get a sense of what type of plant it was, as neither of us had seen anything like it before.

After completing the exterior inspection, we moved to check out the interior. Pushing aside some of the weeds, we glanced inside. Hanging suspended in the plants was one of the pod soldiers, nearly fully grown. The body twitched and we stumbled back. It was waking up.

We bolted for the security gate, the sound of snapping vines echoing behind us and spurring us on to move faster. Diving through the doors at the gatehouse, we quickly pulled on the body armor and grabbed up the hand weapons. The energy weapons were all under lockdown so we were going to have to do our best.

Our wait was not long before the pod soldier lumbered into the view. It seemed slower than the shock troopers we’d encountered only a few days previously. Perhaps we’d managed to interrupt the growth cycle. It dragged its weapon behind it rather that carrying the pulse rifle at the ready.

My friend and I looked at each other for a moment before turning to charge the trooper. A swift kick knocked the weapon from its loose grip before we rained down blows on the wildly swinging soldier. Soon we had it down on the ground, unconscious. My friend ran to get the guards while I started dragging the body and weapon towards the gate.

After turning the soldier over, my friend and I headed to the labs. We had a few other friends working on a way to bypass the lockouts on the browser that prevented us from accessing information. We needed to know what security was doing with our find and how it was going to affect us. Finding a pod trooper within sight of the facility was a bad omen.

What else were they hiding from us?



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