The Dream I had the night of 08-04-2016:

I walked out of the shop, having dropped off my car for some routine maintenance. The lobby was mostly empty of people save for the attendant at the desk. I waved goodbye to him as I exited. This shop had always been my favorite, due to the junk yard that was right next door that they encouraged you to browse.

Several different projects were currently underway in the junk yard. One of the conversion projects they were working on was to turn a number of buses into a type of road train. Three separate buses had been hooked together, their cores mostly hollowed out. They were connected by a means I still couldn’t quite understand. People swarmed over and through the vehicles though so at least they seemed enthusiastic about the project.

Continuing further into the yard I found different pieces of art depicted on vehicles. The pickup truck with the full garden in the bed. A car with a waterfall that cascaded from the roof into the cutaway trunk. A myriad of others. I lost myself in exploration while I waited for my car.

Finally the time arrived for me to return to the shop. While I waiting in the lobby, the attendant went to retrieve my car. Moments later he returned with a puzzled look on his face, saying he couldn’t find my vehicle. Confused, we both rounded up the other shop staff and went looking.

Eventually we found my car… or what was left of it. Someone had cut my car in half and converted each half into a new vehicle. The front section got a new set of wheels so it appeared to be just a short, two seater car. The back section got a single wheel and a more open feel, turning it into a trike.

What was I going to tell the wife?


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Picture of myself, my cat, and my car from when I was in High School. Look at that hair!