Legends speak of a time when the world was one. They speak of the time when the mortal races lived together in harmony and prosperity. They speak of the general peace that was maintained between the races. They speak of the ones who shattered that peace and sundered the world apart.

Legends speak of the ones who gave into the corruption, the darkness. They speak of how those few shattered the peace and set the races warring upon each other. They speak of how those few guided the others into the final conflict. They speak of how each side contributed to the spell that ripped the world apart in fire and misery.

Legends speak of the ones who managed to fight back the darkness. They speak of the ones who lead the fight to bring peace once more to the great continents. They speak of years of conflict before the darkness was finally driven away from the world. They speak of the ones who helped enforce the peace and punish those behind the tragedy.

Legends speak of the generations since the Sundering. They speak of how the World has healed but that the wounds continue to scar the very land and seas. They speak of the things that continue to lay beneath the surface of the world, waiting for the time to return. They speak of the prophecies that will guide those who face the returning darkness.

Legends speak of that which has come before and Legends will be written of what shall take place. What will the Legends speak of you?

Welcome to the world of Entyl.


Entyl is the name of the world for the MMORPG I’m working on creating. I’m mostly doing the story and character creation while another person is working on combat and skills design. This is the first time I’ve shared the name with the public!

Also, I know the image is faint. I’m terrible at drawing and have no skill with graphics programs.

The Facebook page for my design company is here:


Once I’ve got a Facebook page and main webpage setup for Entyl, I’ll update this post with that link as well.