The Dream I had the night of 08-03-2016:

Peeking around the corner of the hallway, I managed to catch a glimpse of one waiting in the living room. That was the third one that I’d spotted in the house and I figured there were more just waiting out of sight. Slowly inching forward, I reached to my belt, checking my supplies.

A sudden squeak alerted me that I’d been spotted and I abandoned all pretenses of stealth. I dove across the couch, rolling to a stop and grabbing the ball from my belt. With a snap of my rest I sent the ball careening across the room, bouncing it off the wall to chase my target. In a flash of light, the pokemon disappeared, the ball shaking as the little pest tried to escape.

My glare intensified as the ball shook. Once. Twice. A third time… then stilled. Picking up the ball, I re-secured it to my belt before scanning the rest of the room. Several of the army men could be seen scurrying away from the couch I had just jumped, no doubt to relay my actions to the rest of the renegade toys.

Only a few of the toys had stayed loyal, the legos foremost among them. Even now a modular army patrolled the bedroom, able to adapt to any incursion. A few of the other action figures had joined them, as did the dragons. We had a position of strength from which to launch our sorties, but we were vastly outnumbered. It didn’t help that the toys had called in these pokemon to assist. We were almost overrun at the beginning before we were able to get a supply of pokeballs to start capturing the vermin.

I decided to let the army men escape to make their reports. Perhaps the news of the loss of yet another major supporter would encourage the rest of the rebellion to surrender. Given their earlier demands, I wasn’t too hopefully but it never hurt to give the other side an out, if needed.


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